Suburb Page Content Writing Guide

How to Create SEO-Friendly Suburb Page Content

Do you want to improve your rankings on Google?

One of the most effective ways of dominating hyperlocal, local, or state-wide searches and acquiring new customers is by having unique and well-optimized suburb page content.

Suburb page content writing is an SEO strategy that can transform your business and drive exceptional growth for your brand. An optimized suburb page will help you:

  • Reach surrounding markets and cities
  • Rank in organic search results
  • Connect with a new client base
  • Generate sales from your locality, and
  • Create new streams of income

In this guide, you will discover all you need to know about writing and optimizing suburb page content.

Suburb Page Content Writing Guide How to Create SEO-Friendly Suburb Page Content

Long-Form Content is Important for Suburb Pages

For suburb pages, it is important to work around at least 1,000 words because long-form content performs better in organic search. You will be able to take advantage of your competitors’ laziness because there’s a high chance they are churning out 200-word content.

Long-form content will help you maximize ranking potential. In most cases, long-form content usually ranks on the first page due to good on-page and quality content.

How to Make Your Suburb Pages rank in Google

It was formerly acceptable to write the copy for a suburb page and then copy and paste the content on another suburb page, while you change the location.

Nowadays, this is not acceptable. Google now frowns at duplicate content and rewards unique and valuable content.

Two core topics must be on your suburb page; these topics must prove relevance to the search engine. They are:

  • Relevance of the content to your service
  • Relevance of the content to your suburb

So, let’s assume you have a florist website and you want to target people in Hialeah, the page needs to be relevant to florists and the suburb of Hialeah so that it can rank well for a keyword like ‘Florist Hialeah.’

For the page to be more relevant, you need to naturally incorporate words for both topics into the content of the page.

Relevance to the service

Including the direct variations of your target keyword into your content (for instance Florist Hialeah, Hialeah Florist, Flowers Hialeah, and lots more) will get you into trouble with Google because you’re simply stuffing your content with keywords.

Instead of screaming out who you are to Google, you need to prove it by using the right words. Forget about keywords for a moment and focus on using words that are related to ‘florist.’ So, here are some words that can be associated with florists:

  • Bouquet
  • Flowers
  • Vases
  • Trimming
  • Beautiful
  • Pruning
  • Fresh

Ensure you use these words when creating your SEO content for your suburb page so that Google can see how relevant your content is to your main subject (i.e. Florist).

We have to do this because Google will not rank a page that contains content stuffed with your main keywords, especially when there is no relevance between the rest of the content and the keywords. Don’t forget that modern search bots that search engines use are doing everything possible to provide the best content to users (and they are very good at it).

Relevance to your suburb

Now that you have proven who you are and the service you offer, it is time to prove that you are relevant to the location you’re targeting. You need to do this better than just adding the name of the suburb to the end of each keyword.

The first thing you need is a meta title with the postcode and state of your location, such as ‘Florist Hialeah FL 3024.’

The next thing is to ensure you place the main keyword, i.e. ‘Florist Hialeah,’ in the main header like: ‘Your Reliable Local Florist Hialeah.’

You need to be clever throughout the page content. You can open up Google Maps, search for the suburb that you’re trying to optimize the page for, and find out the main roads and landmarks that are around the area. Also, look for a way to incorporate these main roads and landmarks into your content.

Once you do that, go back into Google Maps, look for the suburb and then embed the local Google map into your suburb page.

All these steps may sound overwhelming, but since there is a high chance that the rest of your site does not mention this suburb, you need to prove to the search engines that what you’ve written on your suburb page is relevant to that location. Apart from convincing the search engines, your content will also make sense to visitors that land on the page.

Your content will be more relevant when they see roads and landmarks that they are familiar with (and a map of the area where they work or reside) in your content.

When coming up with the content, ensure it is engaging and capable of generating some natural backlinks. Optimizing your suburb page content using this strategy will help your page to rank in search results. Google rewards clever SEO, so ensure you spend time to improve the quality of your suburb page content on every page of your site before you proceed to get the next niche directory or high authority listing.

Let Google Know What You’re Doing

Let Google Know What You’re Doing

Apart from boosting the relevance of your website for keywords that relate to your area, suburb pages are also important for SEO.

So don’t miss the chance of informing Google about what you’re doing on your suburb page. Ensure you always log into Search Console (formerly referred to as Google Webmaster tools) and request that Google bot crawls your newly optimized pages.

These suburb pages will be the home page for search users that are looking for your services in these areas. This implies that you need to ensure that your unique selling points that are on your site’s main Home Page are also on each of your suburb pages. Some of the things that you need to include are:

  • Your popular products or services.
  • Attention-grabbing images of your office or shop.
  • Links to Yelp!, TrueLocal, and other third-party review sites.
  • Your local phone number, address, and a contact form.

How to Rank Beyond Your Location

Most business owners want their content and business to rank beyond their location. In most cases, the business owners in this category are usually frustrated about their Google My Business listing since it is only relevant to their verified location.

If you feel stuck because you don’t know how to rank beyond your location, this is where the importance of suburb pages comes in. By using the tactics discussed in this guide, you should be able to create optimized suburb page content that can drive huge rankings, increase traffic, and generate new traffic for your business beyond your main location.

Be Patient With Your Suburb Pages

Be Patient With Your Suburb Pages

Getting your suburb page found by prospects in your target location takes time. How quickly your suburb page ranks in Google depends on your website’s domain authority. The higher your website’s domain authority, the faster a new suburb page will rank in Google for keywords that relate to your product or service.

Hence, you need to be patient for Google to crawl, index, and associate authority and value to your page. Once this is done, your suburb page will start ranking and also produce the traffic, leads, and sales you need.

Additional Key Points

If you plan to create many odd suburb pages, you will be tempted to use the same template so that you can save time- while changing the name of the suburb each time you create the page content.

This is a wrong approach. Each of your suburb pages must be unique. You cannot just go about changing some words on the page. You need to change the entire content on the page so that they are unique. This is an important step as it is crucial to saving you from being penalized by Google.

Although it may be time-consuming, boring, and repetitive, if you want to reap the benefits of SEO, you need to do it properly.

So, as we round up, here is how you can create the SEO markup for your suburb pages:

  • URL:
  • Header tag: Your Reliable Local Florist Hialeah
  • Meta tag: Florist Hialeah FL 3024- X Florist delivers fresh beautiful flowers within Hialeah and the surrounding suburbs. Call for a quote.

Ensure you keep it simple. Also, remember to link the pages back from the main suburb list whenever you complete a suburb page.

Additional Key Points

Wrapping up

One of the most effective means of targeting SEO traffic to your website is to publish high-quality content across your website and also create unique and targeted suburb SEO landing pages.

While creating content for the suburb pages, you need to note the following:

  • It is important to create great, highly valuable, and useful content.
  • Use natural language that will flow with your readers and customers. In other words, write for humans, not just Google.
  • Long-form content yields good results.
  • Let your content be keyword-optimized, but don’t stuff it with keywords.

Also, for your suburb page to be effective, your content must inspire visitors to call your business or request more information via contact or lead generation form. Lead generation and customer acquisition are important outcomes of effective suburb page content.