How to Leverage White Label Reputation Management

A few decades ago, companies had no power whatsoever over their reputation. It was completely out of their hands. All they could do was to offer great products and services and hope for the best.

But today, technology has brought so many changes to the scene. Social media and online review sites like Google Reviews and Yelp have made it easy for customers to give their sincere opinion about any company. 

On the other hand, that is also making it possible for companies to influence the way their company is being represented online – through reputation management. And with the help of various white label tools available today, the process has become even easier.

Adding reputation management to your offering will go a long way to help your clients improve their business reputation online. So, let’s see what white label reputation management is and how it can help you grow your digital marketing agency.

What Is White Label Reputation Management?

White label reputation management solutions are products and services designed to help with a business’s online reputation and reviews, which you can buy and resell with your brand name on it. These are rebrandable products and services that can make you a jerk of all trades to your clients.

White label reputation management solutions can be in form of software such as a platform that allows a company to manage its business reputation. They can also be in form of services like review generation and review response, and they can all be offered as a white label fulfillment option.

Your digital marketing agency could offer both reputation management software and services in one full-scope solution to your clients. All you need to do is to find providers that offer them and are willing to white label.

Does this sound complicated? Let’s break it down a little more.

White Label Solutions and How They Work

A white label solution is any product or service that is produced by a white label provider and then resells to another company who then rebrands and sells it to its clients as its own. There are many services and products out there that can be white labeled.

When the provider is selling the products or services, they do so without it being branded so the company purchasing them can put their brand name and trademark on them. That’s what is called white labeling.

So, What Is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is a completely new concept and it has not been around for so long. Before now, companies relied on word of mouth to build a good reputation for their business. And that usually works well for them in driving targeted traffic to the business. But those days are gone – the internet has changed everything. Reputation is now better defined by a star rating on Google and other review sites like Yelp.

That being said, reputation management is now any process that allows businesses to influence their reputation online. This is usually done by managing, monitoring, and influencing all of their reviews and mentions across the web.

The concept is basically about leveraging a variety of internet channels to build a good reputation for a business, including review sites, social media, and online forums. This aim is to get customers talking positively about a business.

However, reputation management is not as easy as it sounds – it involves a spectrum of strategies and practices, which are also usually interconnected. Some of these strategies and practices include:

Reviews generation and management

One of the core factors that determine the reputation of any business today is the reviews about the business. Reviews have the potential to either break or make a business. That’s because everyone reads them. In fact, many people say they don’t patronize a business until they have read reviews online about the company. If the company has bad reviews, that will be a turn-off for their potential customers.

And that’s why every business needs to prioritize keeping track of those reviews and do everything possible to make sure people say positive things about them.

Social media marketing

This should not be new to you – we are presently in the era of social media. And any business that is looking to grow today needs to factor in social media in its marketing strategies. Social media provides a great platform for businesses to shape people’s perceptions about their business. It is also a very effective means of reaching prospects and driving traffic to any business.

Reputation measurement and marketing

As strange as it may sound, reputation is indeed quantifiable. There are different data that can help you measure your brand’s reputation online. This is one way marketing agencies are able to tell if you are doing well online or not – they simply use different systems and metrics to analyze your reputation. Popular among them is the share of voice, which is the number of conversations going on online about your brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is also one of the major strategies used in reputation management to build a company’s reputation. It is a factor that determines how visible you are online. If your customer can’t find you online, how do you know what they are saying about you? That’s why SEO is important. Though it is somewhat complex, it is completely worth it.

Customer experience management (CEM)

It is important to know how to engage in open conversation with your customers online. Customers love brands that care about them and are willing to listen to them. That means you need to actively participate in online conversations that have to do with your business. Virtually all consumers will be willing to patronize a business that responds fast and directly to their reviews – both positive and negative reviews. This is where CEM can come as a savior, helping to preserve your reputation and helping you gain potential customers to yourself.

White Label Reputation Management Solutions Can Be in Two Forms

Now that you know how white labeling works and what reputation management is, let’s try and put them both together to define what white label reputation management solutions are.

White label reputation management solutions are products or services provided by a provider to help manage a business online reputation which he then sells to another company that brands the products and services and resells them to its clients as a complete solution.

Now, reputation management solutions can be two, and the two are not exactly the same. Here are the two offerings you can get from a white label reputation management solution:

White label reputation management software

This is a product solution that is provided in the form of an app or platform to allow your clients to directly manage their own reputations online, including responding to their reviews and doing the main jobs of building a good reputation.

This could include analyzing extensive data, gaining useful insights from the analysis, and using it to build a good reputation for their business. The software makes all these possible, usually through a single platform.

White label reputation management services

Unlike reputation management software, this is a service solution provided by a third party to your clients under your brand name. Here, the third party does all the dirty job of helping your clients build and manage their reputations while you take the credit for it.

Reselling White Label Reputation Management Solutions: Who Can Do That?

Anyone who offers B2B software or services enjoys all the goodies that come with selling white label reputation management solutions.

There are lots of benefits you can enjoy reselling services and software as a one-scope solution to your customers. It will not only help you increase customer satisfaction by expanding your offerings but also create another solid source of revenue for your business.

We will talk more about the benefits of white labeling reputation management solutions later in this post. But now, let’s see the people who can resell these solutions.

  • Marketing agencies

Reputation management is arguably an important part of any marketing campaign. And that’s why you will always find it on the list of many marketing agencies today. If you are a marketing agency, then adding reputation management services to your offerings will make a huge difference in helping you land more clients and keep customer satisfaction high.

It is even better if you can also provide reputation management software, allowing your clients to be in charge of how their business is perceived online.

  • Reputation management companies

These types of companies focus on building and managing a good reputation for businesses. So, it is just natural for them to add white label reputation management software to their clients.

  • Other businesses

Marketing agencies and companies are not the only ones that can benefit from reselling white label solutions; other businesses can do that too. Some businesses looking to generate more revenue for their business by onboarding new services can make that happen by reselling white label reputation management software. This will come as a win-win for them and their customers because while they help their customers build their reputation, they also will be building theirs and generating more revenue for the business.

What Are the Benefits of Reselling these types of Software?

Ideally, there’s no limits to the range of social media solutions you can resell to your clients. However, sometimes a limited budget and the unique needs of your clients may determine what portion of your full offering to offer.

Here is a list of the common types of white label social media products or services that can either be bundled together or sold separately to businesses:

Establish Your Needs

1: It helps you land more clients

Your client wants more things done to promote their business and be on a winning track. If you can expand your offering to include reputation management, you will be increasing your chances of getting more clients. If you can provide your existing customer with all they want, they will be happy to stick with you and also refer you to others. Who knows, you might even be winning clients that will pay more for your offers that way.

2: It encourages rapid growth

You can skip the long time and several resources involved in building a new product from scratch by just using a white label service. The products are already designed, tested, and proven to offer just what your clients need. Just buying them and offering them as your own will make a huge difference in helping you to grow your agency quickly without the need of hiring additional staff.

Don’t Go For Low Price
How to Leverage White Label Reputation Management

3: It comes as a great chance to increase revenue

Every marketing agency and business is looking for a way to increase its revenue. Reselling a white label reputation software might just be what you need to make it happen for you. It can provide you with a steady source of income for your company without having to spend exorbitantly on developing a new product yourself. New offering means a new source of income, and sometimes, new clients.

4: It helps you build a good reputation with your clients

Your clients will like to manage their brand or business reputation but most of them don’t have the resources, time, or technology to make it happen. Leveraging a white label solution to help your client achieve this will come as great value to them.

Since you will be having your brand name on the white label solution, it will be a great way to earn a good reputation with your clients. And whenever they talk about the value they are getting from the service, they will definitely be mentioning your brand.

Prioritize Experience
Do Your Research

5: They have powerful integration capabilities

No need to worry whether the white label solution will work well with your present offerings to your clients. White labels are known for their incredible integration capabilities. That means you can easily add them to your current stack of offerings and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

6: You have easy access to innovations

One of the challenges that come with owning a product is updating it regularly. But with a white label solution, you don’t have to bother your head about that. Your provider will take all the responsibilities for updating and adding new features to the white label reputation management software. And once the update is done, all your clients will see and be able to use them without even knowing it didn’t come from your company – remember you have your brand name on it.

How to Leverage White Label Reputation Management

What Should You Look For When Choosing A White Label Reputation Management Software?

It is not always easy to find the perfect white label reputation management software you can resell under your brand name. Remember you will be reselling this software to your own clients as if you own the software. That means if they experience any issues with the software, they will have your brand to hold for it.

That is why extra care needs to be put into your sourcing. Below are a few things to consider when you are in the market to shop for white label reputation management software.

  • Choose a software with one dashboard where your clients can access everything they want. Multiple platforms can make things complicated and that does not produce the best customer satisfaction.
  • Look out for a software that is practical and easy to use. If it is too complex, then you don’t need it because your clients need a platform that makes managing all data very easy and straightforward.
  • Ease of integration. This is also very important. If you choose a platform that is difficult to set up, it will only land you lots of frustrated and annoyed clients. That, obviously, is not good for your business.
  • The software should provide easy review monitoring and generation. Reputation management software is all about generating and responding to reviews in the first place. If the software doesn’t make it easy for your clients to monitor reviews and quickly respond to them, then it is not the perfect software for you to white label under your brand name.
  • Real-time notifications. Time matters a lot. Quick response to a negative review can make a big difference in the reputation of your client’s business. So, any software you choose should be one that allows your clients to get timely notifications about their business.

Final Note

Things are no longer the same with the way business is conducted. Reputation now matters to the growth of any business. So your clients are regularly looking for a way to manage their business’ reputation. Helping them achieve that by leveraging a white label reputation management solution will make a big difference in your reputation too.

Reselling white label reputation management solutions comes with lots of benefits for both you and your clients. In this post, we have explained everything you need to know about white label reputation management. So, go back to read again and start moving things in your favor.